What Nobody Tells You about Respite Care

What Nobody Tells You about Respite Care

As you may already know, Cambridge Place has been the partners of seniors and their caretaker/s in providing skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY. These individuals have given us their complete trust because of our superior services especially because of our respite care.

Respite care is one of the most needed services for caregivers who wishes to have a change of pace and for the seniors to interact with other seniors. So what do you know about respite care and what do you want to ask us, as bringers of skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, about respite care?

In this blog, we answer the most common questions any regular citizen has about respite care. So educate yourself as we share to you what nobody tells you about this service.

What is respite care?
Let is start with the basics and get to know respite care more.

Respite care…

  • Is also called short-term care
  • Is a type of support for the senior or disabled and their caregiver
  • Gives the caregiver the chance to take a break from care giving
  • Allows seniors or the disabled to be well taken care of
  • Lets the caregiver give care to their patient for longer periods
  • Can be given for a few hours or for longer periods

How will respite care help us?
When you enter respite care, you and your caregiver will thank you for it because both the two of you are given the support and help you need. If both of you wants to expand your social life and enjoy meeting other people, you are the right person to enjoy this service.

Will it help the caregiver go to work?
Respite care is all about giving the care you need and allowing your caregiver to take a break. This can also assist him or her if ever they would want to carry on with caring for you or if they decide to re-enter the world of employment.

What types of services are available?
There are a small number of respite care services accessible by the public. These are:
Commonwealth Home Support Program
Allows you to access government-subsidized respite services
Types of these planned services are:
In-home respite care
Centre-based day respite
Overnight or weekend respite
Community access respite
Residential Respite Care

How can Cambridge Place help you?
As we have mentioned, Cambridge Place has been an skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY for quite some time now and have gained the trust of many clients. We have an array of services and one of this is our respite services.

For more information on how to enjoy our respite services, visit us at www.cambridgepl.com.

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