Things to Consider When You are Planning to Send your Senior to a Nursing Facility

Things to Consider When You are Planning to Send your Senior to a Nursing Facility

Are you planning to send your elderly to a nursing facility? That is good! We know the importance of quality care for the seniors and we believe that sending them to the most excellent providers of care is the best option for them. As a Skilled Nursing Facility on Cambridge Drive in Lexington KY, Cambridge Place believes that you should do the following things first to give your senior a smooth transition from home to nursing home.

    Before submitting your loved one to the care of nursing facilities, you must first make sure that their attending physician assesses them. If you are moving your loved one to a nursing home after being hospitalized, this evaluation has already been given. But if the move is from one’s home or from another nursing home to a skilled nursing facility, you need assessment first from the physician.
    What is the primary reason why the senior needs to be in a nursing home? Can the needs of the senior be met if they are inside a skilled nursing facility? If ever they can be taken care of home in the first place, then you do not have to send them to a nursing home. But if they need interaction with other seniors and are in need of quality skilled nursing services, you can send them to the facility.
    Who is the primary caregiver of the senior at home? Does he or she have the luxury of time and finances to care for the aged member of the family? If the caregiver does, then you do not have to worry about sending your elderly to a facility. Most of the caregivers are often busy with their responsibility at home and their work. Also, they need rest from caring for the senior. The family may opt for other services that offer temporary care but it may just be more costly.
    Is your loved one’s need for nursing home temporary or permanent? Consider the length of the stay of the elderly. If you only want temporary services, you can just opt for services such as home care, adult day care or even respite care. You can even consider asking the other members of the family to help caring for your loved one to avoid spending too much. But if you consider the services mentioned above in a long-term basis, the service may be too expensive and that the coverage may not be enough. It is better to choose a skilled nursing facility for you may not only save money but also give your elderly the assistance and service he or she needs.

After you have looked into the other areas, you also need to judge the service provider your loved one will be in. Look for one with a very respectable background and do your research in order to achieve that standard. If you are looking for a Skilled Nursing Facility on Cambridge Drive in Lexington KY, look no further for Cambridge Place is the best choice of facility for your senior.

What else should you look into before sending loved one to our Skilled Nursing Facility on Cambridge Drive in Lexington KY? Leave your answers on the comment section below.

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