The Silent Needs Of Our Elderly Loved Ones

The Silent Needs Of Our Elderly Loved Ones

Our elderly loved ones are silent most of the time. Perhaps time and wisdom have brought them more peace that they can afford to be still all by themselves most of the time. Perhaps they have already found that fountain of self-contentment that their worth is no longer associated with how much they are being heard. This is a good thing – knowing that they are at peace and content at their own stillness.

But are we also considerate enough to read between the lines? Are we really appreciating their inner peace or are we just trying to avoid conversations with them? Regardless, our loved ones might have needs that they are not just telling us. Maybe they have needs that they are trying to tell us in very subtle ways. Here are some things that our elderly loved ones might need but just couldn’t find the words to say:

  • They need companionship.

    Though they value silence, they need companionship. Our elderly loved ones need people who will listen to their stories of old, their view of the present, and their thoughts of the future. They may seem content by themselves but having an outlet for their thoughts is a good avenue for them to feel that they still matter and exist. They can also engage in still games like checker, chess, what have you. The thing is, they need another person to engage with every now and then.

  • They need special attention.

    For our elderly loved ones who have been diagnosed with a medical condition like alzheimer’s or dementia, or have had stroke, they would require special attention. We might want to be the ones to take care of them and look after their needs, but sometimes availing of the services of professional and skilled nurses and care providers would do them more good. There are facilities like Cambridge Place, a skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY who offers nursing services and programs for those who have special care needs or therapy due to a diagnosed illness or other conditions.

  • They need to be loved by family members.

    In Cambridge Place, a skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, family gatherings are highly encouraged because they believe that family support and involvement matters for our elderly loved ones. In fact, the best skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY should not only encourage family connection but should also foster an environment that mimics like that of having real family around.

We just have to open our ears and heart enough to hear what is not being spoken. Tell us here about what you have heard from them lately so we can add them to our list.

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