Testimonials for Cambridge Place in Lexington, KY

Date: 9/9/16
To: Letters to the Editor
From: Russ Lay

Take a Closer Look at Cambridge Place Nursing Home!

As a board member of an organization that lobbies for improvements in the operations of Kentucky nursing homes, I’ve seen a lot of things that simply shouldn’t happen to our elders when they are in nursing homes.

That’s why I said “No Way!” when it was suggested that a dear little lady I was legal guardian for be moved to Cambridge Place. I had been a caretaker for several people and had been in nursing homes thousands of times. Cambridge was on my “watch out” list for years.

A few minutes talking to director Cara Clark convinced me to move my lady to the home, but check on her at odd times every day.

What impressed me first was the fact that employees actually talked to each other and interfaced with the residents. One staff member was known to me as a veteran of the Adult Protection Division; an ideal person to watch out for the welfare of residents.

Cambridge Place has some very sick residents, cared for by a crew of uncommonly caring people. They know the mechanics of their jobs. But what’s important; they know the SIGNIFICANCE of their work to their residents and families.

The real sign of a genuine culture of care and compassion happened the day my dear little friend passed away. One after another, the maintenance people, aids…people from many areas of the operation came by to say goodby. The tears and hugs were impossible to fake. That was human kindness and empathy at it’s best.

My point is, make judgments upon real experience and evaluations. Nothing is forever. Things at Cambridge Place could change. But my time there was one that I’ll always appreciate and never forget.

Thanks to Cara and the entire staff. They made the end of life easier for my dear little friend.

Russ Lay