Pros and Cons of Rehabilitation Homes

Pros and Cons of Rehabilitation Homes

We always want the best for our loved ones, especially at the most crucial and fragile state of their life. If you feel you’re in the middle facing two roads diverged in wood- one road towards home care and the other towards assisted living facility, the pros and cons laid out below may help clear your mind.


  • Expensive
  • With excellence comes a price. Assisted living facilities can come as quite a fund-exhaustive place because you’re not only paying for the staff but also the facilities and amenities that come with the place.

  • Sub-quality care
  • Because there are a number of elders in an assisted facility, there cannot be entire certainty that an equal amount of attention is given to each patient.

  • May increase the feeling of isolation
  • Introverted elders may not like the idea of being surrounded by strangers and made to deal with them everyday.

  • Distance
  • Because assisted facilities are situated far from the patients’ homes, their families would have to travel a distance to be with their loved ones. This can be a burden hence some families think twice about visiting.

  • Limited freedom
  • Being in an assisted living facility means following a set of rules, though subtly implemented but it is there nonetheless.

  • Neglect, abuse or mistreatment
  • Due to the number of patients in an assisted living facility, there are really instances when other patients may be neglected, abused or mistreated. Although these are merely horror stories from people who may or may not have experienced being in an assisted living facility, there is no perfect facility so these are not impossible too.


  • Round the clock care
  • Assisted living facilities have professional and trained staffs on standby for your loved ones health and other personal needs.

  • Stays on schedule
  • Instead of family members who have busy lives to tend to elders, let trained personnel do the work and keep scheduled followed strictly.

  • Active social life
  • Elders are surrounded by peers in the same condition and stage of their life so they never feel isolated or lonely.

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