Oral Care Tips for the Elderly

Oral Care Tips for the Elderly

Aging equates to the loss of teeth and problems in eating, chewing and swallowing. This is one of the challenges in entering the older phase of life. It won’t be easy to enjoy the good food you used to eat when you were younger if you start aging. With this, we offer you great tips in taking care of your teeth and mouth!

  • Hydrate yourself

    Don’t allow a dry mouth as it can increase the risk for oral disease. Saliva helps in fighting bacteria from entering the body. A dry mouth may be caused by certain medications. You have to drink plenty of water and other fluids for as long as these fluids benefit your health. Avoid alcohol because it can give you another set of diseases you don’t want to accumulate.

  • Stop smoking.

    For elderly people who still smoke, please stop smoking if you want to live longer or to see your children or grandchildren achieve their goals in life. Smoking is a certified catalyst for deadly diseases such as different types of cancer, heart disease and other major health conditions.

  • Take good care of your dentures/teeth.

    If you or your loved one still has teeth intact, then brush your teeth with fluoride toothpastes. You can also gargle antibacterial mouthwash. For those who only have dentures, learn the proper way of taking care of it. Clean it regularly and treat it just like your original teeth. You can also apply denture cream and the like to make your dentures hold longer.

Your teeth is important since it helps you take in food. Your mouth is twice as important since it allows you to take in water, to take in certain medications, to taste and to speak effectively. Oral care is important for survival. At a skilled nursing facility like Cambridge Place, we have an extensive list of healthcare professionals ready to serve you. Dentists are also available for your oral care. Letting yourself or your loved one stay at Cambridge Place is never something to regret because of our fully-furnished rooms, security systems, state of the art facilities, meals, programs and other services. Here at Cambridge Place, your loved one will feel at home. Contact us today at 859-252-6747 for more information about our skilled nursing facility.

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