Is an Assisted Living Facility a Nursing Home?

Is an Assisted Living Facility a Nursing Home?

Assisted living facilities are a common go-to for frail people who cannot live independently. Families often believe that these facilities are fitted to meet all of their loved one’s needs, enabling family caregivers to focus on other personal affairs, such as jobs and families. But not everyone is familiar with what assisted living covers and how it specifically differs from the other types of senior care options.

Most people think that assisted living community is the fresh version of “nursing home” or “retirement home”. But this perception is nothing but a myth. Assisted living facilities are a brainchild from senior care developers and professionals who once thought about animating the institutionalized experience plebeian among nursing homes. Cambridge Place is an skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY. We know it’s nice to get the picture of what assisted living is and how it can be beneficial for your beloved seniors, most especially if you’re leading off the best for your elder’s care.

Assisted Living IS DIFFERENT From Nursing Homes

Research shows that many families think their ailing beloved seniors need nursing homes when an assisted living community is actually the most appropriate choice. Others even cling to the common misconception that assisted living and nursing homes are on the same page. To have a smart choice needs thorough assessment of the care type needed. Both have their merit; however, some general features can be taken between assisted living and nursing homes to differentiate one from the other. Here are some essential guiding principles to help enlighten your decision:

  • ASSISTANCE ON DAILY LIVING ACTIVITIES. Residents at our skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY are generally independent, but may need help with their daily living activities such as dressing, eating, and bathing, while nursing homes do not expect independence from their residents and provide round-the-clock attention with almost everything about their daily living activities.
  • PLACE TO STAY. Assisted living residents usually live in an apartment or studios, while nursing home residents dwells in single or semi-private rooms.
  • MEDICAL ATTENTION REQUIREMENT. Nursing home residents’ medical care are active and extensive as they need a full staff of skilled nurses and other medical professionals for constant medical monitoring, while assisted living residents are usually independent from constant medical attention.
  • MOBILITY. Nursing home residents are bedridden or have less mobility, while assisted living residents are fully able and mobile.
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3 Responses to Is an Assisted Living Facility a Nursing Home?

  1. People probably have mistake that home cares is actually an assisted living facility. Assisted living facility cover a lot options for seniors. Good post to share

  2. My mother is an old care center since 2013 and I’m paying for $2500 for her on monthly basis. I also hired nursing care services for her before in 2012, but it could not work and now she is happy. I was also confused at that between Assisted Living Facilities and and home nursing care options. I think we should always consult to the Senior care specialist before hiring any assisted living facility.

  3. Nursing home is all about taking care of seniors at home where a special person come to take care of them on daily basis, while on the other hand assisted living is all about shifting seniors to senior care centers. Last year my father shifted to senior care center in Denver Colorado, and now he is happy there.

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