How Your Loved One Can Benefit From Assisted Living

How Your Loved One Can Benefit From Assisted Living

If you’re having trouble deciding on whether to put your elderly loved one in an skilled nursing facility or not, it’ll help to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your loved one feel lonely at home?

    It’s easy to understand why senior patients who live alone tend to feel isolated. No one is around to talk to them, assist them with daily tasks or make sure that they’re safe. They spend most of their time by themselves, which can lead to depression.

    If they stay in our skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, they will be in the hands of the best caregiving staff and in the comfort of other people who are going through the same situation as them. Therefore, living with us can truly benefit your loved one.

  • Do they require professional help?

    People who have a hard time performing simple tasks on their own definitely need professional assistance. If your loved one stresses out over preparing their meals or using the bathroom, for instance, it would be wise to let them receive the help they need in Cambridge Place.

    Our skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY can provide your loved one with all the assistance they need every day. A carer will watch over them day and night to ensure their safety and comfort.

  • Are they having trouble with things such as transportation and maintaining the house?

    Seniors who live alone have a lot of responsibilities. Keeping the house clean and everything else organized is one example. They also have to worry about transportation to their medical appointments, and it isn’t exactly safe for your aging parent to be driving on their own nor is it healthy for them to manage a house all by themselves.

    For that reason, it’s best if you give your loved one the chance to live in an skilled nursing facility because it can make their lives easier and more peaceful. We at Cambridge Place are always ready to help those in need so if you decide on our services, you can give us a call today.

    Our skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY is the place you can depend on to care for your loved one like their own family would. Feel free to visit Cambridge Place anytime!

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