How to Choose Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 1)

How to Choose Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 1)

Alzheimer’s, just like any other diseases, can drastically change a person’s life. From a self-sufficient and carefree lifestyle, seniors are introduced to an existence of dependency thus withdrawing from the activities they once find enjoyable.

But as a Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, Cambridge Place discourages an inactive life among seniors basically because being engaged offers a million positive benefits even for a patient suffering from dementia.

On the onset of dementia, it is typical for your elderly parent to pull themselves out from family gatherings, community events and even church activities.

Let us have an open discussion about it and we would like you, as the primary caregiver, to list down our suggestion on how you can choose activities for your parents or senior family member who has been putting up with Alzheimer’s disease.

As the disease progresses, you need to be able to make adjustments and modifications.

  • Take note of your patient’s skills and abilities

Remember the activities your parent can do many years ago. And if you are by no means related to your patient, ask your patient’s family members on the activities their family member has been engaging themselves into.

If they were once a painter, bring that skill out and make an activity out of it. Allocate a time of the day where the elderly can enjoy performing these skills while you enjoy keeping them company.

  • Keep your mind on noticing the activities the person enjoys

In our Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, we understand that not all people share the same interest. Some may want to watch sports on the television while others may find it irritating. We do not want to see our seniors frustrated, do we?

As caregivers, we should pay special attention to these kinds of reactions. If they enjoy lone time, then give them that. If they want to go outdoors and do gardening, aid them.

  • Notice their everyday activities

Seniors do not want to submit to a Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY because they think they will not have the chance to do their daily activities for the whole routine will be according to the system inside the facility. If you believe in this myth, you’d be clearly mistaken. Cambridge Place considers the routine of our patients a lot and is willing to adjust in order to accommodate them.

What are the routines our patient has been engaging over and over again? What does he or she do before setting the table? Does he or she sweep the floor right after waking up in the morning?

After jotting this small information down, we let it be a part of their routine for we believe that it will make them comfortable and less confused.

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