How to Choose Activities for a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 2)

How to Choose Activities for a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 2)

  • Do not overlook physical problems

Yes, the senior may want to go on horse riding once again but because of his or her physical disabilities, we are afraid that he or she will not be able to do so unless if assistance is given and proper equipments are utilized.

Cambridge Place is a Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY that does not overestimate the abilities of our clients but we are willing to do whatever it takes for our seniors to enjoy the activities they do even if their physical impairments are limiting them. We simply modify the activities and we know we are good to go.

  • Do not focus on achievement of the activity

We understand that as caregivers, we have been doing whatever it takes for an activity to push through. We have gathered the resources, enough manpower and even dedicated a lot of time in order to fulfill the said activity. But not all activities will be successful not because the caregiver lack something but because the seniors themselves were not able to complete the task.

Rather than focusing on the realization of the activity, we look into the enjoyment of our seniors in the said activity here in our Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY. What good is it to achieve something if you did no enjoy it, right?

  • Involve your patients in daily life

Just because your patient has Alzheimer’s does not mean they are incapable of doing something. Let them help you prepare for that big celebration you are looking forward to. Even if you let them do little things, it is more than enough to provide them a sense of accomplishment and success.

  • Relate some activities to their past work life

If your patient was once an office worker, remind them of the feeling of working once again. But do not let them do the actual work and file their taxes again.

You can help them remember by giving them an activity that allows them to bring about their skill in organizing. If your patient was a gardener, let them help you tend to the garden.

  • Be mindful of their favorites

Do they enjoy reading the daily news? How about drinking coffee while looking out the window? All of us like to spend time on our hobbies and this does not exclude patients with Alzheimer’s.

In our Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, you cannot see our residents just doing the things they can do. They are doing the things they love to do.

  • Adjust the activities to the stage of the disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressing disease so expect that it will get worse over time. There is a possibility that your senior may not be able to perform a task they were once used to doing. So modify your activities and be creative.

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