How to Be Involved in Your Senior’s Respite Care

How to Be Involved in Your Senior’s Respite Care

Cambridge Place is a Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY and a haven for seniors who want to experience quality and professional healthcare services in an environment that stimulates love, care and support. One of the many services we offer here in our facility is Respite Care.

Respite care is a service provided by nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, home health care and other health care service providers that specifically target the needs of the older population. This service helps the primary caregiver and the family of the senior in giving them the quality healthcare examination and therapy they deserve.

We believe that every family member of our clients here still have responsibilities over their senior even if these older adults have been submitted to people who know how to care for them. You can increase your participation in the lives of your senior by:

  • Visit them every now and then

    Seniors can get lonely even if we have provided them all they need here in our Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY. They need the people they know most and care for to talk to them. Be up to date on their needs and condition. You will then fully appreciate and understand the situation your elderly family member is in.

  • Talk to their caregivers about their needs

    Be open to discuss with your senior’s daily needs, problems and issues with their caregiver. It is best that you regularly initiate these discussions. Ask the caregivers how the elderly is doing in the facility or if they are having any problem so that these problems will be given solution as soon as possible and so that no accidents and misfortunes will occur.

  • Encourage the other members of the family to help

    Ask everyone to participate in the care of the older adult. Be honest with one another on the experience. Open to one another your feelings and meet at a certain agreement with one another.

  • Do not hide your feelings

    Providing care and being involved with the healthcare services of your parent is very tough. You can feel stress, discontentment, impatience and anger in the long run. Do not hide your feelings. Instead, tell us how you feel about the whole process. Also, do not forget to ask our other family members to engage in the issue as well. In this way, we can all work something out for the benefit of everybody especially the resident here in our Skilled Nursing Facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY.

  • Use technology

    The advancement of our technology nowadays has been astonishingly useful to help decrease the distance of people. Today, you can just call someone or even use video chat with your loved ones if ever you want to call them or to check on them.

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