Old age hits us all, and if we have senior members in the family, oftentimes they forget things and memories. There’s a thin line between what is normal and what is not. And if the latter is observed, your loved one might have Alzheimer’s disease that creates mental deterioration due to generalized brain degeneration. Hence, do the following to help him manage this disease.

Devise a coping strategy. Help devise a way to improve your loved one’s memory. Since Alzheimer’s disease falters his memory, change ways to help him remember like posting notes on the refrigerator or on his table to remember his medication, or talk to him once in a while. Perhaps,do video tasks and cherishedmoments for him to cope up daily despite staggering memory.

Manage tasks to keep him remembering. Help your elderly member do household tasks like speaking distinctively and clearly to him, so he cannot forget immediately.Patiently wait for his response, the completion of his tasks, and the repetition of the latter to prove you have managed him well albeit his disease.

Find a circle of friends with the same issue.Find a support group that has the same problem and cause. Most likely, you have a neighbour or friend whose family member also has Alzheimer’s. Tackle and exchange your coping mechanism and ways so you can most likely apply. But take note the coping mechanism depends upon the degree and stage of Alzheimer’s.

Be patient in communicating. Persons with Alzheimer’s have problems in communicating thoughts, information and facts because the disease gradually impairs his memory and thinking skills. Nevertheless, you should be more patient by listening to his thoughts or repeating things if he constantly forgets them. Don’t get irritated and avoid arguing to preventunwanted stress. Be positive by repeating things for his retention.

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