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If your loved one is chronically ill, he may need a special type of care especially if you are really busy with your work. In this case, you may need respite care and before availing one, know its benefits first.

  • Medication is well managed. With respite care, your caregiver can manage the medication of your loved one so he will not skip in taking his medications due to faltered memory or passivity with the medication itself. With proper respite care, your loved one’s well-being is improved since proper prescription of medicine is followed on time and on dose.
  • Balanced meal is well provided. Respite care ensures nutritious meals daily to make the patient really loaded with proper nutrients. Most likely, part of the healthy and balanced diet is a combination of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, protein and dairy products, the amount thereof depends upon the health condition of the patient. With good nutrition, he isless likely prone to infection, diseases and further complications because his organs and tissues are already working properly.
  • Supervision and health security.Respite care guarantees 24 hour supervision to the patient for the latter to be personally and medically secured even in the absence of his own family members. This is to ensure the patient’s pain and stress management and to prevent further discomfort, thereby causing unwanted tantrums. They need special kind of supervision coupled with love, loyalty and compassion which respite care can definitely provide.
  • Personal living assistance is guaranteed. Of course with respite care, your loved one’s personal needs like bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming are taken care of so he cannot anymore feel discomfort every day. Also, laundry service and housekeeping are guaranteed.

Respite care is well ensured by caregivers, provided they are also given proper rest without compensating the quality of care and good health environment of their patients. Hence, you can avail respite care offered by Cambridge Place.

Our skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY offers high quality and reliable respite care because of our professional staff that has the heart and expertise to render quality patient care. With our skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY, you may opt for a “Short Stay” for your sick loved ones so they experience all the facilities and patient care that we have before resorting to long-term decisions.Our permanent skilled nursing facility in Cambridge Drive Lexington KY offers good services and amenities should you avail them right away. So trust our services and visit us online at for more information.

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