3 Common Physical Pain Experienced by the Elderly

3 Common Physical Pain Experienced by the Elderly

As you grow older, your body changes inside and outside. This might cause you to experience either improvement or deterioration in daily functioning, depending on your age. Elderly people are most likely to develop physical pain as the body is not that active or strong as it was during the younger age. There are common types of physical pain being experienced by the elderly and this might be neglected by most people. And this pain might worsen your body’s condition or interrupt your daily routine. Learn about physical pain present in most elderly people today.

  • Stiffness

    Whether it’s a stiff neck, back, or hip, a senior citizen may feel stiffness in his/her body. This is usually felt during a lengthy bed rest or in the morning when you wake up. Your bones and muscles may not be stronger than before, that’s why your body seems stiff when you age.

  • Nerve pain

    Does your grandparent or parent complain about a painful hand? It could be that he/she is experiencing nerve pain. Nerve pain can be felt also when a person’s hands, fingers, eyebrows, knees or legs twitch or shake.

  • Body pain

    When you are aging, you can feel pain in different parts of the body especially in your feet, knees, lower back, shoulders and neck. This may be due to strenuous activities, too much bed rest, lack of exercise and other factors. You may also feel swelling or inflammation in these areas. Most of the time, pain around the feet and knees are potential signs of arthritis.

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